п»ї Осмысление истории - Introduction
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What motivated me to speak over the Internet? What does a reader get out of published works? The first and at the same time the most common answer is reflected in the topic epigraph that contains an utterance of an outstanding Russian thinker A.I. Guertsen. Today Russia goes through another period of “troublous times”. Public conscience and thought turn to the past in their attempt to find answers to the following questions: what’s going on? what is the way of social evolution? what benefits can be derived from the experience of past generations? Systematized historical knowledge and scientific complex with high-developed means of its usage are required to provide scientifically substantiated answers to these questions.

The civic stand and political sentiments of a man are determined to a large extent by his attitude to the past of his nation, especially to the recent past. History has always been used as a means of ideological influence for political ends. In the last decade of the 20th century a low historical literacy level of the social community was used to falsify the national history and particularly the history of the Soviet period. This process is under way now as well.

So, what is the reason of the modern history distortion? The answer is simple: the so-called “new-Russian” bourgeoisie that is responsible for the misappropriation of the national wealth of the Soviet period tries to justify itself and its social status. Such a distortion is also to the advantage of international globalist forces that aim at turning Russia into a raw material appendage of the Western civilization and its attendant.

This pressure should be opposed with a scientifically substantiated concept of the world historical process and the Russian society development as a part of this process. Scientific and historical knowledge will serve as a stable basis for the determination of one’s civic stand contributing to the realization of the tasks of progressive evolution of the Homeland and its people. This is the primary goal of the materials published on the web-site. The web-site contains some materials in English, which may be of interest to the international progressive community in its struggle with the world forces of reaction.